Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Trip Begins....

This will be the last "Life In The Muck" post. I am gonna make a new one for my new adventure!

So, I found out several weeks ago that I got the position at the Pentagon. there was a lot of typical Forest Service feet dragging, so a departure date was not announced until last week.

Kai hooked up a going away lunch, and it was nice to have all the people there that showed. I really thought no one would show, but I am amazed at how many people I touched while I was here.

The other day, Annie, my roommate and her daughter gave me a hand made card to say good-bye! I cried when they left.....

So, yesterday was my last day. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving! I closed the shop, and I was sad to turn out the lights, and lock the gate for the last time. I am really gonna miss CNIDC.

So, I left and drove to Beatty. Stopped in the truck stop there to sleep.

This morning, I drove to Vegas....One of my most favorite places! There was a gun show at the Santa Fe Casino, so that is where I went.....Not a really good show, but I did get some more magazines. So, I took some money out, because I had no cash on me. On the way out, I decided to play one last slot machine in Vegas. I did not have time to really settle in to the craps tables, so I dropped a 20 in the Monopoly machine. Lost it....So, I went around it to another, but there was a Spanish person playing it.....So I thought, one more. I went back. Dropped another 20, and played for a couple minutes.....Boom! Bonus round after getting 5 diamond ladies for 10 dollars.....Hit the bonus for 40 bucks, and figured I would play down to that and be even. Boom! Bonus again. Left that machine with 60.

Got up to go find a redemption machine, and noticed that the Spanish person was gone......I thought, play 20, and your still even.

Played three rolls, and BOOM! Bonus...So, its doing its thing, and all the bells and whistles start.....after all said and done, $300!!!! So, I spent no money at all, and got the magazines for free!!!!!!

So, off to the east...Via Kingman, Az....

I took 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! to get from Boulder to the Arizona border and the dam!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHH!

So, here I am in Flagstaff, writing.

I already miss my staff, Kai, Boyd and the entire family!! Its been a long time I felt for my team like this. I hope they miss me as much as I miss them already...

A new adventure begins!


stalkermom said...

OMG I knew you were going to say you made money while gambling! So since you're in Flagstaff, does that mean you're on your way back or are you just traveling before you go?

Anonymous said...

I know the staff is going to miss you too, especially Kai. Now he has to fill 2 Assistant Center Manager positions. Drive carefully, and we can't wait to see you when you get back here to green country.