Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President....

Well, it seems that America has made its choice.

Here are my thoughts.........Gee, thanks PA and Oh! And yes, I could not believe that Nevada with all of its gun owners, and bible owners....Must be all the Kalifornians that moved over to Reno and Vegas.....

I think I should take my money out of the bank now, cause I am not going to get any hand outs.

I am now looking at selling all my stocks, cause they are gonna tax them.

I need a gun safe now. Cause they are NOT taking my weapons.

Polosi was just on the news saying she has another "Stimulus" check in the pipeline.....Did anybody catch the new term for welfare? "STIMULUS"!

Congresswomen, WHERE ARE WE GETTING THIS MONEY FROM? Joe the plumber?

President Elect Obama says he dislikes NAFTA. PLEASE CHANGE THIS!!!! Get rid of it! That is why our jobs go to Mexico, China, India and such....

Will Black America finally stop saying that "The White Man keeps us down!"

Is the Black Panthers going to be the "New Civilian Militia"? (Did you see what happened in Philly?)

What is the definition of "New Civilian Militia"? Gestapo? (Hitlers Civilian Militia.) Republican Guard? (Saddam Husein's Civilian Militia.)

We have a civilian militia, but it is grass roots, sorry to say, mostly white, and wants to overthrow our own government.......Wait, so do the Black Panthers.....

Change is here, good or bad, it is here.

Good luck America, lets see what happens.

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