Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just another Saturday!

During our "off season" schedule, my duty days and times are Mon-Thurs, 0730-1800.....During "Fire" season, Sun-Wed 0730-1800.....Love the four ten schedule.......I do miss the 24 on 24 off schedule I worked when I was fighting fire.....

Anyway, we have what is called a "Wild Horse and Burro" survey today.....What that is, is they fly over the forest and count the number of Wild Horses and Burros they have in the forest. Then they compare those numbers to previous, and do what ever those tree huggers do to find out if anyone may own them, or if the population needs to be controlled....

That brings me to Saturday....They are flying in the Austin/Tonopah district of my forest today, and since I am the only Forest Service employee in our office, I get the overtime!!!!!!!!!!!!They were supposed to take off at 0730, but here t is 0745, and they have not contacted me yet.

My job is to be like an air traffic controller, except, I only track the aircraft, I don't control them....We have this program called Automated Flight Following (AFF) that we track all of the BLM, Forest Service, Park Service and any contracted aircraft all over the country...

And alas, the pilot just called me on the phone to let me know they are briefing and getting ready for take off!!! Woooohoooo!

I am working OT today and tomorrow.......Can you say, "Go bank account, go!!!"?

So, under partly cloudy skies, I am sitting at the "Aircraft Dispatch" desk, looking at my motorcycle, wishing I was not here, but riding, but hey, at time and a half, I can wait until next week for "Spring Street Vibrations"!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, I was excited and giddy over having a Bike Rally close to home! It was supposed to be a fun filled weekend, one with biker chicks, bikers, food and vendors!

Well, it was cold, it rained, and then the below story happened.

Can I just tell you that I for one feel very lucky. Why you ask? Well for starters, Nevada is an "open carry" state. That means that you may wear your firearm open anywhere in the state that is not prohibited by federal or state law. You are also aloud to carry concealed if you have a permit. (I am waiting on my permit).

Saturday night, I had my pistol on my side, and was leaving the main event of Run-a-mucca. My plan was to stop at Players Bar for the "Wet T-Shirt" contest that was happening. On my way, as I rounded the corner, I started to get the feeling that there were too many cars and bikes out front, so I kept going, told myself, "naw, not worth the effort of trying to get in".

That was at about 1145 pm.

I am so glad that I did not go, cause I had my pistol, and would have been put in the position as the guy from Reno whom had a conceal permit! Not saying that I would have used my pistol, but you never know.

The guy that ended the shoot out, was treated EXACTLY as he should have been, and I commend the local law enforcement on not releasing his name! BRAVO NEVADA!

On the lighter side, I did have a good time helping the American Legion booth! Lots of pretty ladies!

Three Men Killed in Winnemucca Shooting on Sunday

Posted: May 25, 2008 08:35 PM

Rebecca Bessler
Channel 2 News

Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office are investigating a shooting in Winnemucca early Sunday morning that left three people dead and others injured.

The shooting happened at the Player's Bar & Grill on South Grass Valley Road.

Investigators say a feud between two local families is behind the early-morning shooting inside the bar. Three men from Winnemucca died from gunshot wounds, and two others are in critical condition at the hospital.

Deputies say about 2:25 a.m., 30-year-old Ernesto Villa Gomez walked into the bar and starting shooting. 20-year-old Jose Torres and his 19-year-old brother Margarito Torres were killed. When Villa Gomez was reloading his semi-automatic gun, a man from Reno took out a gun and shot Villa Gomez. That man has a concealed weapons permit.

The unidentified man who shot Villa Gomez is not expected to be charged in this incident; law enforcement call it a justifiable homicide.

Local police, the Sheriff's Office and the Nevada Highway Patrol are preparing for retaliation from one or both of the families, and rumors are already circulating in the small town of Winnemucca. There is a sense of sadness for losing three local men in this violent incident.

The Player's Bar & Grill was full of about 300 people, because a local biker event "Runnemucca" is going on this holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Run-a-mucca starts this weekend!

As my close friends know, I have re-embraced my "biker lifestyle" since my departure from Patti!

Patti was controlling, stuck on herself and condescending to everything I believed in or wanted to continue to explore in my life......ANYWAY,

Since obtaining my Superglide, I have been to multiple poker runs, fundraising runs and motorcycle events (Elko Bike Jamboree, Street Vibrations, Vegas Bike Week, Laughlin!) and I am loving it.

This weekend is Run-a-Mucca! Right here in Winnemucca! I do not have to get a room, I do not have to travel. A bike event right here at home!

I had figured that it was a small event, attended by locals....Boy, I think I am wrong!

There are no rooms available this weekend in the Muck!

I cannot wait, and I will post pics when I get them!

A new day!

Its a new day! After days of +90 temps, its 50 degrees today.....It rained last night, a lot! Everything turned green overnight. YES IT DID!

Yes, it is a new day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Charli, my daughter is coming to be with me from June 18th, till the 25th.....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is having a friend from Salt Lake come over too.

I am so excited about it!

I have a lot planned. Elko Bike Jamboree, Reno Gun Show, Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, San Francisco!

What fun!!!

I am stoked!


Let me talk about Lisa real quick.

Most of those that know me, know that I will never get married again.

And if I was to revert back to the days when I was young and what my sister calls (girl magnet), I would never have to worry about relationships again.

If I ever think about it again, Lisa would be the one.

I have had some hard relationships, some sad ones and some that would knock your socks off.

My last relationship with Patti Carter (Rabette now!), finally made me believe that most women are out for themselves, have no consideration for mens feelings and lived by the saying "Its all about me!".

Lisa is like non of the others I have ever been with. She likes my jokes, she likes to ride, she likes roller coasters, wine, cheese, FOOD, the beach, gambling and does not mind my weight gain and so on....

She is beautiful, she loves to make love and most of all, she is willing to forgive me for moving out here to the "MUCK" the way I did!

So, if and when I decide to dive head first for a woman again, Lisa may just be the answer!

Cause my sister does!

I am starting this blog, cause my sister has one, and I thought it would be neat idea......

Becky calls herself "stalkermom"! I love that!

Anyway, I live in Winnemucca, Nevada and I work for the Forest Service. I am one of two assistant dispatch center managers at the Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch Center.

We dispatch Forest Service, BLM, BIA wildland firefighters to the Central Nevada area. Our area covers over 30 million, thats right million, acres of land from the Oregon border south to almost Las Vegas (Including, I LOVE THIS!, Nye County and Area 51!!!!!), east to Elko County, west to Washoe/Lyon/Churchill counties.

We are just now gearing up for "fire season" even though we have had several fires already.

How did I get here, you are wondering? Well, since you asked, I started out as a US Army Firefighter in 1982. I worked all positions in a fire department from "tailboard" to "Chief". I performed my duties in Alabama, Alaska, Washington State and Maryland. I also spent 11 years as an EMT at Community Rescue Service (Rescue/Medic 75) in Hagerstown, Maryland.

I left the Army in 1995 because I was stupid, and my wife wanted me too.

After I left the Army, I became a truck driver for a few years when I found my "second calling", and Ice Arena Manager! Yes, I used to drive the Zamboni!

After eight years, the arena cost me my marriage, then a great girlfriend, and some of my personal dignity, and gave me high blood pressure, and an 80lb gain in weight.

At or near the end of 2004, I wanted to get back into emergency services, but found out that the US Government that has a law against age discrimination, has a rule(or law) that says you cannot be a firefighter after age 37, if you have not started before...Anyway, to make a long story short, I used my experience in emergency services and ham radio, and became a dispatcher......

Three years later, I have went from being a "seasonal" government employee to a career supervisory dispatcher!

I ride a 2001 Harley Superglide, I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. I like to ride, play craps, poker and many other things.

So as not to bore anyone, I will stop here and write later, as most people say they do!