Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Trip Begins....

This will be the last "Life In The Muck" post. I am gonna make a new one for my new adventure!

So, I found out several weeks ago that I got the position at the Pentagon. there was a lot of typical Forest Service feet dragging, so a departure date was not announced until last week.

Kai hooked up a going away lunch, and it was nice to have all the people there that showed. I really thought no one would show, but I am amazed at how many people I touched while I was here.

The other day, Annie, my roommate and her daughter gave me a hand made card to say good-bye! I cried when they left.....

So, yesterday was my last day. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving! I closed the shop, and I was sad to turn out the lights, and lock the gate for the last time. I am really gonna miss CNIDC.

So, I left and drove to Beatty. Stopped in the truck stop there to sleep.

This morning, I drove to Vegas....One of my most favorite places! There was a gun show at the Santa Fe Casino, so that is where I went.....Not a really good show, but I did get some more magazines. So, I took some money out, because I had no cash on me. On the way out, I decided to play one last slot machine in Vegas. I did not have time to really settle in to the craps tables, so I dropped a 20 in the Monopoly machine. Lost it....So, I went around it to another, but there was a Spanish person playing it.....So I thought, one more. I went back. Dropped another 20, and played for a couple minutes.....Boom! Bonus round after getting 5 diamond ladies for 10 dollars.....Hit the bonus for 40 bucks, and figured I would play down to that and be even. Boom! Bonus again. Left that machine with 60.

Got up to go find a redemption machine, and noticed that the Spanish person was gone......I thought, play 20, and your still even.

Played three rolls, and BOOM! Bonus...So, its doing its thing, and all the bells and whistles start.....after all said and done, $300!!!! So, I spent no money at all, and got the magazines for free!!!!!!

So, off to the east...Via Kingman, Az....

I took 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! to get from Boulder to the Arizona border and the dam!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHH!

So, here I am in Flagstaff, writing.

I already miss my staff, Kai, Boyd and the entire family!! Its been a long time I felt for my team like this. I hope they miss me as much as I miss them already...

A new adventure begins!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trip to Eureka!

So, we leave early to go to Eureka for a meeting.

My bosses boss, calls me a traitor when he gets in the truck.

The meeting was long, boring but we did get some solid work done!

We ate at a local place called the Owls Club. Food was okay and the service was less than desired.

On the front door, there is one of those High School posters that has sports pictures on it, and the schedules of the sports....

What is the mascot of the Eureka High School? THE VANDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAAAAA!! Vandals! Thats crooks to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must have laughed for 15 minutes at that!

So, we are on our way back, and my bosses boss is a Nevada Trivia master. He points out every landmark, has stories about everywhere and so on.

We take a side road back, so he can show us this pond that has LOTS of fish....Yes, in Nevada...

So as we approach an area with a one lane road, my bosses boss asks if that is a car around the bend up ahead....Yes, yes it is...

So as we approach, it is a Volkswagen Jetta with tinted windows. As we get closer, the back of the car is bouncing up and down! I mean, BOUNCING UP AND DOWN!!!! First thought to cross my mind is, hey, this is not right, my boss is Mormon!

My boss is driving. He honks, but the car keeps bouncing. He honks again, nothing...Man, they are into it! He gets a little closer, honks again....The car stops bouncing, and the brake lights flash.....The car starts moving......They find a turnout, and pull in it, and we pass by, laughing our asses off......Oh, they looked to be in their mid thirties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a trip!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, yesterday....You all have heard the good news!

So I am letting my staff know what is going on. I ask everyone to not say a word to our boss, cause I want to be in the office alone with him (Boy, that did not sound right!) to break it to him.

We finally get ALL of the employees performance evals done....I know he has to go to the office, so I get him out the door....

About two hours later he comes back. Hands me a CNIDC jacket he purchased for me to ride Pearl in the rain with...(Like it rains here!).

He then goes into the office.

Since he and I spent the entire day in the office evaluating all the employees, I was taking this particular time to catch up on my regular work....

On my Forest Service computer, a message pops up from my boss titled "????????"...

I open it, and it says "So when is your release date?"

My stomach dropped to the floor. So I stroll slowly into his office, shut the door and ask who said something?

He would not tell me. Finally he told me that my Forest Boss told his boss, and he did not know that my boss did not know....AHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, at this time, all is well, but he is upset that I am leaving.

I will write about today, later, we just got back from a meeting that was a three hour drive each way!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can you say "The Pentagon"?

Well, my background checks came back, and the federal government once again feels that I am safe enough to work for DOD!!!!!

The Pentagon called, and they offered me the job, after my pee test came back negative and my background check back with nothing in it except everything I told them would be in it!

I have no report date yet, but it appears since I am at the beginning of a pay period, that we would use this one and the one after as my notice which would place me back in the DC area no later than the 14th of December!!!!

I am stoked!

I keep pinching myself.....

Gotta get back to work!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President....

Well, it seems that America has made its choice.

Here are my thoughts.........Gee, thanks PA and Oh! And yes, I could not believe that Nevada with all of its gun owners, and bible owners....Must be all the Kalifornians that moved over to Reno and Vegas.....

I think I should take my money out of the bank now, cause I am not going to get any hand outs.

I am now looking at selling all my stocks, cause they are gonna tax them.

I need a gun safe now. Cause they are NOT taking my weapons.

Polosi was just on the news saying she has another "Stimulus" check in the pipeline.....Did anybody catch the new term for welfare? "STIMULUS"!

Congresswomen, WHERE ARE WE GETTING THIS MONEY FROM? Joe the plumber?

President Elect Obama says he dislikes NAFTA. PLEASE CHANGE THIS!!!! Get rid of it! That is why our jobs go to Mexico, China, India and such....

Will Black America finally stop saying that "The White Man keeps us down!"

Is the Black Panthers going to be the "New Civilian Militia"? (Did you see what happened in Philly?)

What is the definition of "New Civilian Militia"? Gestapo? (Hitlers Civilian Militia.) Republican Guard? (Saddam Husein's Civilian Militia.)

We have a civilian militia, but it is grass roots, sorry to say, mostly white, and wants to overthrow our own government.......Wait, so do the Black Panthers.....

Change is here, good or bad, it is here.

Good luck America, lets see what happens.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boise, Oregon and Voting...

Can I just tell you that I had a HELL OF A GOOD TIME in Boise this past weekend.

Good partners to officiate with, good beer and food Saturday Night after the High School Tournament....I cannot wait until the weekend of the 15th!

So, knowing that you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon, plus the fact that gas along US 95 in Or. is, get this, $4.19/ gallon......I got gas both before I went up, and as I left.....

The speed limit in Oregon is 55. That is supposed to be it, no exceptions.....Guess you could not tell that to the hunters! I did 62, passed a few officers, and nothing was done....

So, I get up early to watch the fiasco we call elections.....As suspected, the Democrats are intimidating voters in Philly, Chicago, Miami and so on......Can you just imagine the outcry if Republicans were doing that ......I mean, BLACK PANTHERS in Philly with nightsticks......PLEASE!

So, I left or work early to go to the Community Center to cast my ballot......No lines...But, who do I run into when I open the door...............................................................................................................................................................................The old people!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

They were nice, they had treats and such.....Nothing like the beer and body piercings they were offering at some polling places on the east coast!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Boise Officiating!

So, I am here at work, listening to Obama and his GIVE-GIVE-GIVE-GIVE speech, and getting more upset that I and others like me are gonna pay for all of the lazy people of all sexes, shapes, colors, nationality and so on.....AHHHHHH!

Anyway, I am leaving at 2pm to head to Boise....I forgot that there is a 1 hour time loss going up there! So, on Saturday night, I will actually gain 2 hours (if I do not change any of my clocks! HA!

I am really stoked about getting back on the ice.......Lisa is happy too, cause she knows how much I miss it.

So I am sitting here doing some paperwork, counting down the hours.......I just have to remember that I loose an hour when I get into Oregon........