Friday, November 14, 2008

Trip to Eureka!

So, we leave early to go to Eureka for a meeting.

My bosses boss, calls me a traitor when he gets in the truck.

The meeting was long, boring but we did get some solid work done!

We ate at a local place called the Owls Club. Food was okay and the service was less than desired.

On the front door, there is one of those High School posters that has sports pictures on it, and the schedules of the sports....

What is the mascot of the Eureka High School? THE VANDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAAAAA!! Vandals! Thats crooks to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must have laughed for 15 minutes at that!

So, we are on our way back, and my bosses boss is a Nevada Trivia master. He points out every landmark, has stories about everywhere and so on.

We take a side road back, so he can show us this pond that has LOTS of fish....Yes, in Nevada...

So as we approach an area with a one lane road, my bosses boss asks if that is a car around the bend up ahead....Yes, yes it is...

So as we approach, it is a Volkswagen Jetta with tinted windows. As we get closer, the back of the car is bouncing up and down! I mean, BOUNCING UP AND DOWN!!!! First thought to cross my mind is, hey, this is not right, my boss is Mormon!

My boss is driving. He honks, but the car keeps bouncing. He honks again, nothing...Man, they are into it! He gets a little closer, honks again....The car stops bouncing, and the brake lights flash.....The car starts moving......They find a turnout, and pull in it, and we pass by, laughing our asses off......Oh, they looked to be in their mid thirties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a trip!


sierra0039 said...

Who says the people in the car weren't Mormon? There's more than one place to make big families!

Spanner said...