Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, yesterday....You all have heard the good news!

So I am letting my staff know what is going on. I ask everyone to not say a word to our boss, cause I want to be in the office alone with him (Boy, that did not sound right!) to break it to him.

We finally get ALL of the employees performance evals done....I know he has to go to the office, so I get him out the door....

About two hours later he comes back. Hands me a CNIDC jacket he purchased for me to ride Pearl in the rain with...(Like it rains here!).

He then goes into the office.

Since he and I spent the entire day in the office evaluating all the employees, I was taking this particular time to catch up on my regular work....

On my Forest Service computer, a message pops up from my boss titled "????????"...

I open it, and it says "So when is your release date?"

My stomach dropped to the floor. So I stroll slowly into his office, shut the door and ask who said something?

He would not tell me. Finally he told me that my Forest Boss told his boss, and he did not know that my boss did not know....AHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, at this time, all is well, but he is upset that I am leaving.

I will write about today, later, we just got back from a meeting that was a three hour drive each way!

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sierra0039 said...

You can't keep secrets in Winnemucca! You should know that by now. Let the count down begin!