Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Let me talk about Lisa real quick.

Most of those that know me, know that I will never get married again.

And if I was to revert back to the days when I was young and what my sister calls (girl magnet), I would never have to worry about relationships again.

If I ever think about it again, Lisa would be the one.

I have had some hard relationships, some sad ones and some that would knock your socks off.

My last relationship with Patti Carter (Rabette now!), finally made me believe that most women are out for themselves, have no consideration for mens feelings and lived by the saying "Its all about me!".

Lisa is like non of the others I have ever been with. She likes my jokes, she likes to ride, she likes roller coasters, wine, cheese, FOOD, the beach, gambling and does not mind my weight gain and so on....

She is beautiful, she loves to make love and most of all, she is willing to forgive me for moving out here to the "MUCK" the way I did!

So, if and when I decide to dive head first for a woman again, Lisa may just be the answer!


stalkermom said...

That was sweet. But I am worried about you driving around on a motorcycle one-handed taking pictures!

Spanner said...

Yeah, we were doing about 75, on Route 68 outside Kingman, Arizona....

Lisa handed me the camera and said "do you think you could get a picture?". You should see the ones from the Vegas Strip that were blurry and such....WHAT FUN!