Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Run-a-mucca starts this weekend!

As my close friends know, I have re-embraced my "biker lifestyle" since my departure from Patti!

Patti was controlling, stuck on herself and condescending to everything I believed in or wanted to continue to explore in my life......ANYWAY,

Since obtaining my Superglide, I have been to multiple poker runs, fundraising runs and motorcycle events (Elko Bike Jamboree, Street Vibrations, Vegas Bike Week, Laughlin!) and I am loving it.

This weekend is Run-a-Mucca! Right here in Winnemucca! I do not have to get a room, I do not have to travel. A bike event right here at home!

I had figured that it was a small event, attended by locals....Boy, I think I am wrong!

There are no rooms available this weekend in the Muck!

I cannot wait, and I will post pics when I get them!

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