Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Next?


When I took this job, I thought "WOW, Nevada, Vegas, Reno, the desert, no rain, no snow and so on!


We had what appeared to be a "dry thunderstorm" come over top of dispatch. Shortly thereafter, we had several fires break out north of here.

Thats cool, cause that is to be expected....WELL!

About two hours later, we get another storm....This one had precipitation.....LOTS! Then, the hail came!!! LOTS OF HAIL!!! I thought Pearl was gonna get plastered! She is okay...

Then, about 6:30 pm, one of our fires in the Austin area was getting hammered by a storm.....The Assistant Chief of that area called us on the phone to tell us that a Tornado Warning was issued to that area......I called the weather service, and all they could say about not notifying us was "sorry"...AHHHHH! We contacted the incident commander to let him know what was going on, and he said "ah, yeah, its over top of our position right now, we are digging in!" I wont tell you his exact words.

So, in summary, always expect the unexpected, even if you live in the desert!

BTW, this kind of stuff has followed me all of my life! Where ever I go, big events happen!

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