Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My New Fixation

So, living in the State of Nevada is really neat. For the most part, people live their lives by the "Golden Rule".

Except for the areas around Reno/Carson/Tahoe and Las Vegas where the California infestation has started, people are very conservative and believe in all of the rights that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution provide.

Oh yeah, lest we forget Wal-Mart, that is bowing down to liberal left wing do-gooders about the sale of weapons and ammo....But, our "Wally World" still sells ammo, but no weapons....They also do not have a sign on the front door declaring the store a "free killing" zone, ah, I mean a "No guns allowed" zone....Kinda like our schools and shopping malls....

Oh yeah, and my sister will hate me, but Disney is also a "Free Killing Zone" too. They just fired a guy in Florida because he brought his gun to work, but kept it in his vehicle (as Florida state law allows), illegally searched his car for the gun then fired him.

None of that here!

Anyway, for the most part, those kinds of people do not live in Nevada yet.......

Which brings me to my new fixation with weapons.....I have always been a gun lover. I had only owned a 357 pistol with my x-wife when we lived in Alaska.

I now have a Mossberg 500 tactical 12 gauge shotgun, a CZ 100 40 S&W and a just acquired Taurus Tracker 44 magnum with a 4" barrel. Dirty Harry's 44 magnum had a six inch barrel.

My newest addition will be a M-16! It is being built by "My Dealer" (What I call my gun dealer down the road) (oh, and did I mention that he is a Mormon????!!) and should be ready for pick up no later than August 11th. That will be my real "Fix" from the dealer!

My concealed weapons permit arrived a couple weeks ago, and I should see my Utah "non-resident" permit soon also. (Who would have thought, Utah, having reciprocity with the most states in the country!)

I think what is really neat, is when I pass people on I-80 with California plates while on my motorcycle.....My holster sits on my right side....the Californians have this "deer in the headlights look"! I smile and keep passing them....

Once the Utah permit arrives, I will be licensed to carry concealed in 34 states!!!!!!!!! So, when I visit my daughter in PA, my family in Oh, my family in MI, I can take my self defense weapons with me!!

When I visit Lisa, I have to put them away, because Maryland is a "Rights Denied" state...Oh well! Yes, in Maryland, the only way you can obtain a permit to carry concealed is to have been threatened with violence! Thats right, in order to prevent violence and protect yourself in Maryland, you have to have had violence projected on you......Hmmmm

The picture with the bullets shows the 40 S&W for my CZ, the middle one is the 44 magnum and the last one is the 5.56mm M-16 bullet!

The first picture is of the new pistol, and the second is of both my pistols together.....

Even with my "fixation", I realize these are not toys. I have taken classes on the laws governing the use of force, and defense. I have also been doing a lot of reading on the subject. The main purpose for owning my weapons is for self defense and the defense of those in my charge. I will protect those that stay in my home, my property and those that live near me in times of trouble. (I hope I do not sound like some crazed cult figure!)

Oh yeah, its also nice to have the "right" to purchase any kind of weapon I want too, when I want too (up until 6pm each night, cause thats when the background check people close), where ever I want too (Yes, even drug stores sell guns in Nevada!)!


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