Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meet The Candidates Night!

So, since this will be the first election I have voted in here in Nevada, I went to the Grass Valley Community Center (the little center down the street from my house) for Meet The Candidates Night.

There were about a dozen cars there when I drove up.

As I walked in, I forgot that I had my Glock on my side, so I decided to go back to the truck and put it away.

As I approached the front door, I noticed a lot of mature adults....(Yes, I am being politically correct, yes, me!).....

My first thought was, how do I always end up with the old people?????

As I go into the center, the first thing I notice, FOOD! They had a very nice spread of cheese and crackers, cookies and other snacks!!!! But, being as I have never been to one of these here, I forwent the food........I grabbed an agenda and found a seat in the hallway (yes, they used the hallway) at the back.

As soon as I sat down, the lady two rows up said "HEY! Your the new guy, arnt you?!" With that, all the old people turned around to look. I said "depends on your definition of NEW GUY"....She said "your the newest registered voter in our precinct and I remember you from the primaries"...I told her that would then be me, THE NEW GUY.....

Why???????? Why do I have to be the center of attention at this stuff?????? But then again, I do like it sometimes.

So, they read the minutes of last meeting, had a few discussions about "Water Rights", "sub-divisions", roads, and then, the big topic of the night, the school board!

Then, it was time for the candidates to speak.....They started with the Judges.....Here in Nevada, judges are elected, not appointed. What did I take from the candidates for District Judge? They are PRO 2nd Amendment, they are ANTI ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, one has history with the legal system via his family.

One person asked them about their view of the 2nd Amendment and actually said, I am not making this up............."I am glad to hear your support, because I am a bitter bible holding gun holding American........"

To which the one candidate replied "We here in the west have different views than those in the east....We carry our guns with us everywhere we go, we use them to defend ourselves, feed ourselves and for recreation". "People in the east just do not understand".


Should have just kept my Glock on my side!

As mentioned, the big topic was about a BOND for the school board. There is a bond for the schools that is expected to expire in 2011. The concern was where that money was going after it sunsets.

After about forty-five minutes, the board members finally stated what everyone already knew.....The money does not get refunded back to the tax payers in a tax cut, it goes into the county general fund and continues to tax the residents.

All the school board wants is to keep that bond from setting on the school board. With all the cuts and all this year by the state.

After they said that, the residents were more forgiving....Honesty is all it took.....

With that, a few more comments were made and the meeting adjourned...

I made a "b" line for the cookies and a water.....Grabbed some pamphlets and was on my way. A older man asked me on the way out the door if I learned anything....I told him yes, and that I now have a clear vision of who I want to vote for in this county...

Oh, and I got home just in time to watch a re-run of Two and a Half Men!


stalkermom said...

So are you still sure you want to head back East?

Spanner said...

Yes, cause if I get that job, Virginia is almost as good as Nevada on gun laws.....