Friday, October 24, 2008

Its about time!!!!!!!!!!

As most know, I am a USA Hockey Ice Hockey Official.

To look at me, you would never guess, just like the wife of one of my co-workers said last night "really, you referee hockey?", "We would love to see that!".

Well, I finally found a referee association, be it in Boise, but I found one that had people I could talk to!

BTW, when I left Cleveland, I flew back to Vegas......On that Saturday, was the USA Hockey Officials Seminar! So, I had my equipment with me to take the class!

So, no after talking to a few of the officials in Boise, I am going up there next weekend to officiate a womens hockey tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been off the ice since two weeks before I left to come to the "Muck".

So, wish me luck, cause I know I will look like a beginner!

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