Friday, June 13, 2008


We were talking at work the other night about how "Blogs" seem to generate more "hits" on google than anything else lately.....

So, here some names (In no particular order) from my past, lets see if anyone sees them in google and contacts me.....I will keep you posted....

Kenneth Ewsichek
James Brosovich
Buddy Peshek
Pam Schlosser
Dana Zavodny
Steve Thorne
Mike Gazo
Kim Gazo
Rick Bollinger
Darrell Burns
Larry Wallace
Bob Walters
Beverly Walters
Beverly Littleton
Scindy Dickerson
Mike Kolk
Doug Olsen
Susan Ruerup
Kim Dorning
Tom Plowman
Angela Beadle
Kim Mcginlay
Mike Pedone
Larry Gibson
Steve Rector
Chris Bieske
Guy Srebernak
Pam Srebernak
Lisa Lehmann
Tony Lisiecki
Tammy Lisiecki
Kim Plunkett
Judd White
Kevin Handel
Ron Coffman

That should conjour up some neat responses!


stalkermom said...

Now that was interesting. You'll have to let me know what happens with this. Mike Pedone? Are you trying to get me in trouble? You forgot Kevin Handel and Ron Coffman.

Spanner said...

Ah yes....Forgot about those two...

No, not trying to get you in trouble....I think he is married and selling cars in Cuyahoga Falls...