Thursday, August 14, 2008

Driving to California, Plumas NF and Nazi Checkpoints!


I left work yesterday at 1415...Thats 2:15 pm for those that do not use military time.....

The ride over to Reno was uneventful, as usual with that ride....I talked to my daughter, Debbie from Maryland.

So, I have to make a stop at the HQ of the Forest I work on, to pick what the BLM/Forest Service/Park Service call "Task Books".

In order to do certain jobs in the wildland firefighting world, you have to have completed a task book, showing that you are qualified to do something.....

WELL, the person that does task books for our forest was not there (like he said he would be) so I looked on his desk (like he told me to do) for my newest task book that I can get signed off on this assignment.....WELL, as usual, no book!!!

So, I make a few calls, and find his cell number. VOICEMAIL!

Felling a little like my sister, I stalked his desk! I rifled through every pile of mess he had. NOTHING!

Then, I looked on his printer. There was the cover of the task book! But no book. So, I made a copy of it.

I called my boss, and told him what was happening. (We have had issues with this guy before)

He told me to take the cover, and go. At the bottom of the cover is a web page that you can go to to get the book. AHHHH!

So, I drive on....Off to California....

Do not get me wrong, there are some things I like about California (China Town in SF, Highway 1, wine and Pismo Beach), but really, I would NEVER WANT TO LIVE HERE....You all already know I do not like their gun laws, and, this is the truth, there are some really weird people....

So, I go north out of Reno on 395, the traffic going out of town is heavy.....But that is to be expected....I am doing about 75, with traffic all around me.....This Chevy Tahoe or the like is trying to get onto the interstate.....I would have moved over to be nice, but I could not, because of traffic.....Besides, like every other freeway in the country, those getting on the interstate are to YEILD to those already on it!!!! I cannot believe that people think the opposite.....This huge SUV slows down, and swerves behind me, then into the next lane, and gets up along side...There are two very GOOD LOOKING young ladies in the vehicle.....The youngest (passenger) looks over at me, and rifles up the old one finger salute! I was like....WHAT????? Being in a government vehicle, I find my urge to return her salute, but control it.....I just continue to laugh.

Their plate was a Nevada plate, Pr1nss......So, they were in the passing lane, tailgating the vehicles and so on....I had gotten close a few times, but figured I would keep my distance......So, what do they do?????? We go about 10 miles, and do what I see far to ofter in major populated areas...........Go from the far passing lane (in this case lane #4) cutting everyone off to the exit lane that is getting ready to take its curve off the interstate.......OMG!!! Its at this point that I am glad I live in RURAL NEVADA where this is really not an issue......

I laugh, shake my head, and drive on to California....

Funny thing about California.....In all of my travels, there are weight and inspections in every state for commercial vehicles......None for regular folks vehicles.....EXCEPT CALIFORNIA!

They have these Nazi Style "Check Points"......It appears that you are to stop and present you drivers license, they ask you where you are coming from, where you are going and whether or not you have any food, coolers and such in your vehicle!!!! WHAT!!!????? Its none of their business......Its America, California.....Not the Pentagon or Fort Knox or the like!

So, as I come up to the (what I am calling) "check point Nazi lady", she sees that I am driving a government truck.....Let me take a second to decsribe her......About 60 years old, long blondish/gray hair (that looked like it had not been washed in a few years)(BTW, I am finding out that a lot of California women do that with their hair!), and since I am still overweight (in the 270's now though!) I can say this FAT! If she was there to aprehend someone, it just aint happening! So, she says "coming from Reno?" I say "no". She says "where from?" I say "Winnemucca." She looks at me for what seemed like a year.......Then said......"well, go ahead."

OMG!!!! Was she going to ask me for my papers, search me....Shoot me?????!! I do not think so!

I drove away, wondering ( and still wondering while I write this) WHY?

So I am once again on my way......Funny thing about those in Northern California....The drive slower than those in Southern Cali......

As I roll into the town of Quincy, it seems like a neat little mountain town.....I pull into the Plumas National Forest and find a parking spot near the dispatch......Out comes a guy, I am gonna try and get a picture of him, with a tie die t-shirt on.....He looks just like Crosby (From Crosby Stills Nash and Young)! I MEAN JUST LIKE HIM!!!!

I meet the people I am going to be working with, and they give me the keys to a house they have rented for the next two weeks! I said a house? They said, yep, you will be rooming with two others, and its a house....BUT its 29 miles away....Oh well, governemnt work time starts when you leave for work!!!!

So, I leave....I figure I better get something to eat before I trek back 29 miles.....I stop at a Grocery Co-Op....Now, I knew this store was there, cause I looked it up.....But low and behold.....More non-hair washing, no bra wearing (which I do not mind) women.....The food was good quality, and plentiful, but the PRICE!!!! I bought a few small things, and went to Safeway!

The house is great, I know one of the guys (he is from Elko Dispatch) and it has cable in the room, but no internet...I can live with out that....

So, I leave for work.....I arrive uneventful at the forest office again......There are more "Tree Hugger" types walking around....You can tell them, I need not describe them.....

As I pull up to a parking space, there is a bumper sticker (and you all know I like to read bumper stickers!)....It says "Tree Hugger, and Don't You Forget It!"

On the car next to that, one says "You will have to pull the tree from my cold dead hands"

NO LIE!!!!!!

OMG, I am in HELL!!!!

With the exception of Safeway, and the Taco Bell (that seems to be the only fast food), everything is "Back to Nature!"

I plan on venturing out into the town (its right outside the gate) at dinner and see what else I can find....God help me.....

I will post pictures and such later.......

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